In which Doan and Carstairs board the bus to Los Altos and meet their fellow passengers.

Doan and Carstairs are back in The Mouse in the Mountain which sees our hard-boiled duo on the beginning of a Mexican vacation. Hear it at Forgotten Classics. [Read more...]

What I’m Reading: Extinction Machine (Joe Ledger #5) by Jonathan Maberry

Extinction Machine by Jonathan Maberry Joe’s back. Pulled off vacation, Joe Ledger is knocking on research lab doors with Top and Bunny, looking into cyber-attacks so clever they can’t be tracked back to anyone. But no one’s answering, even though all the lights are on. Until a couple of men in black, who seem strangely [Read More...]

What I’m Reading: Save Send Delete

Save Send Delete by Danusha Goska My rating: 5 of 5 stars I’m about halfway through this review book which was sent by the author after she heard me on the radio while waiting for the bus. Which had a charm all its own when considered as a review request … and when I looked [Read More...]