Halloween, Playfulness, and G.K. Chesterton

Why is Halloween the second most commercially-successful holiday in the US, and growing? In a follow-up to the Faith, Science & Halloween post, this morning on The Catholic Channel at SiriusXM I had a chance to chat with Gus Lloyd about the whole Halloween thing. My argument: People are playful. I’m aware that people also [Read More...]

Faith, Science, and Halloween

Years ago, the big thing at Halloween was receiving the annual Jack T. Chick tract about how Halloween was one big festival of the satanic.  Fitting, since All Hallow’s Eve is a Catholic holiday, and we all know how Jack T.C. felt about Catholics. (If you don’t, and want to be amused by a tour [Read More...]

Books I’m Reading Soon (I Hope)


Books come in every week, it seems, and there are more books than time to read them. This, my friends, is BLISS for a bookworm. But for a slightly OCD-list-crosser-offer it is a bit frustrating. For one thing, I debate to myself: do I tell you what’s new to my review shelf or do I [Read More...]