A Hero for the People: Stories of the Brazilian Backlands


A Hero for the People: Stories of the Brazilian Backlands, by Arthur Powers, is a book I stumbled upon. I didn’t expect it to be good, much less at the “write to the author and ask for an interview” level. I didn’t expect much from it. I found myself, about a third of the way [Read More...]

A Land Without Sin


I didn’t expect to read A Land Without Sin in a weekend, so be warned. This is a well-crafted and very compelling novel. The storyline is pretty basic, when I think about it: main character Eva is trying to find her missing brother Stefan. It involves a journey through Central America, some flirting with politics at [Read More...]

Forming Intentional Disciples


When I started reading this book as part of a summer-long study, I knew it would be a good read and I thought it would be worth the time I was investing in it. It was way more than worth it. It was transformative. There’s something in the air right now, and Forming Intentional Disciples [Read More...]