The results of positive dog training (video)

(Video of Bandit and Bailey; I'm not really that fat ... it's an apron filled with treats ... honest ...)Those of you who have been following along with the dog adventures at my house - Scout's illness last year and his death in January along with the very serious behavior problems we've been dealing with between Bandit and Bailey, problems that for their own safety have prevented the two dogs from occupying the same rooms since last November - will rejoice with us when you see this video. ( … [Read more...]

My dog Scout goes to live on God’s Farm in the Sky

Writing about animals is going to be a little difficult this week. On Friday, our dog Scout shed his earthly dog self and put on his heavenly dog self and caught the angel train to God's Farm in the Sky.Last May, Scout was diagnosed with an aggressive form of canine lymphona, in his lymph nodes, his spleen and very likely in his digestive tract. At the time, the canine oncologist told us that without chemo Scout had at best 30 days, and though I asked, she said there was no other treatment … [Read more...]

My pup waiting for Santa (photo)

Since I asked readers to share photos of their pets I thought I'd share one, too!This is my dog, Scout. Back in May, when he was just five years old, he was diagnosed with canine lymphona. It was in his spleen, his lymph nodes and likely his digestive tract. Without chemo, the doctors gave him 30 days to live.Knowing my pup and how much he hates going to the vet, plus the grim prognosis that even with three months of weekly treatements he would have possibly three months remission, we op … [Read more...]