More from the “Hellbound?” vault — Paul Young, Baxter Krueger and John McMurray

Originally, we planned to interview all three of these guys separately, but they insisted on doing it as a group discussion. Unfortunately, we weren’t really equipped for that from a technical point of view (we had only one camera and three mics), but we improvised and, thankfully, were at least able to use snippets of this [Read More…]

Justin Taylor – the full “Hellbound?” interview

Continuing with the “young, restless and Reformed” theme, begun with my interview with Mark Driscoll, I bring you my full interview with Justin Taylor. Though not a household name like Driscoll, Justin is an influential blogger at the Gospel Coalition whose pre-emptive post, Rob Bell: Universalist?, which was a response to the book trailer for [Read More…]

Mark Driscoll – the full “Hellbound?” interview

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but Vimeo has been giving me all sorts of technical grief. At any rate, it’s finally online. It goes for just over an hour, and it features everything you saw in the film and a whole lot more, including a spot where Mark gets a little [Read More…]

Who is really naive–those who think violence can solve their problems or those who don’t?

I’ve received a fair bit of flack over a post I wrote last week that essentially blames the recent “terrorist” attacks in Canada on our foreign policy, namely, our decision to join the coalition launching air strikes against ISIS. I argued that had we chosen to pursue non-violent and humanitarian approaches to ISIS and their victims [Read More…]

There is no B/13

Yesterday I got into a bit of an altercation with a student during a lecture on screenwriting. I was teaching about how the protagonist’s journey from one way of seeing the world to a completely different way of looking at the world essentially structures the plot of the entire movie. She wasn’t necessarily arguing with [Read More…]

The Unbelievers isn’t a documentary, it’s hubris of the highest order

Let me begin by making one point clear: Unlike many of my peers, I really like the New Atheists. I’ve read numerous books and articles by them, watched countless talks and debates, interacted with some of them online (PZ Myers and Steven Pinker), and I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting a couple of them in [Read More…]

Some resources to help you think through the Affleck/Maher/Harris “debate” over Islam

First of all, here it is in case you missed it. Sam Harris has written a lengthy blog post offering his perspective not only on his interaction with Ben Affleck but what he feels motivated Affleck’s hostile response. After the show, a few things became clear about Affleck’s and Kristof’s views. Rather than trust poll [Read More…]

We didn’t fall from Eden–we are slowly but surely crawling out of hell

“A loathing of modernity is one of the great constants of contemporary social criticism.” So says Steven Pinker in the closing pages of The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. Pinker, and many others, see such angst underlying many contemporary movements, including environmentalism, religious fundamentalism, aboriginal rights initiatives, and even zombie apocalypse fantasies. [Read More…]

WWJB? Eleven years later, the shirt has worn out, but the question remains

Eleven years ago, in response to the second Iraq war, my friend Brad Jersak created T-shirts with the logo pictured to the left. I bought one immediately and wore it proudly wherever I went. One time it even got me into a bit of trouble when I (stupidly) wore it while getting onto a plane. Lesson learned. [Read More…]

Am I smarter than President Obama? I don’t think so…

In his his Sept. 24 speech to the UN general assembly, President Obama said, As an international community, we must meet this challenge [of religiously motivated fanatics] with a focus on four areas. First, the terrorist group known as ISIL must be degraded, and ultimately destroyed. A couple of minutes later, he followed this up with: [Read More…]