I was going to blog about Halloween–until I read Ben Corey’s post

It’s called The Evil Part of Halloween. But it’s not what you think. As Ben says, There is an evil side to Halloween–one that doesn’t involve fake ghosts or goblins, but a real evil–one that includes slavery, oppression, beatings, broken lives, and destroyed families.   That’s right folks, we’re not talking about Satan, we are [Read More…]

“Hellbound?” Halloween sale

For today and tomorrow only, get 31% off the regular retail price of our DVD or Blu-Ray, both of which feature all sorts of special features not available on Netflix, iTunes or other digital versions of the film. You can buy it here. [Read more…]

Live video chat on Halloween

I’ll be talking to the Raven Foundation about hell, Halloween and all sort of other scary stuff. You can tune in by subscribing to the Raven Foundation’s premium content channel on Patheos. [Read more…]