A very touching response to “Hellbound?”

From a viewer who watched it last week: My husband has been taking baby-steps out of a hard-line religious system and into grace for the entire 12 years of our marriage. Actually, his departure started with a complete rejection of all Christianity for seven years prior to our meeting. I think he needed that time [Read More…]

New “Hellbound?” Q&A screening booked for the UK

Hellbound? will screen at the Bushell Theatre in Newton Abbot, Devon on July 20. I will be there to do Q&A following the screening. Doors open at 6:15pm, show starts at 7pm. The event is being hosted by This Hope Baptist Church. If you’re in the area, I hope to see you there! [Read more…]

A gem from the late Walter Wink

Finally getting around to reading Walter Wink, particularly his book Engaging the Powers. It’s an interesting experience b/c I bought a used copy in San Francisco that someone had already marked up and dog-eared. Then as I began reading it, the binding came apart. So now it’s more like a sheaf of papers than an [Read More…]

Father’s Day weekend DVD sale

Free shipping at our Storenvy store. Enter the code “Dad” on checkout. Order you copy here. [Read more…]

This is not a pipe. (Or a painting of a pipe!)

Last weekend I had a wonderful time speaking and showing Hellbound? at Lendrum Mennonite Brethren Church in Edmonton, Alberta. While preparing a talk entitled Why What’s Clear to You Isn’t So Clear to Me, I came across the painting below by Belgian artist René Magritte. Called The Treachery of Images, I feel the painting is [Read More…]

A few thoughts on fundamentalism

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about fundamentalism in preparation for an upcoming project I’d like to do on Rene Girard’s mimetic theory. As part of the development process, I’ve been doing a series of presentations to help me workshop the material. I’ve never approached a documentary project in this way before. However, I’m finding [Read More…]

“Hellbound?” now available on VOD & DVD!

Today’s the day! Hellbound? is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon and Vudu. Also available for rent or purchase on Youtube movies and Google Play. And if you’re outside North America, you can buy or rent it exclusively on Vimeo-on-Demand. Here is your one-stop shop. Of course, the special features (director’s commentary, “To Hell and [Read More…]

New review of “Hellbound?” just in from The Numbers

A brief excerpt: Kevin Miller is an incredibly lucky person. He releases a movie about Hell on DVD the same week the new Pope says even Atheists go to Heaven. The topic of the movie is suddenly incredibly relevant in the Christian faith. There are quite a wide variety of interviewees in the film, although [Read More…]

I am the blood-drinking god

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the positive response to my recent post Christ or antichrist? However, perhaps not so surprisingly, it has not gone without criticism. The central critique goes something like this: You criticize binary thinking, but the entire post is written within a binary framework–the Sacrificial god vs. the Self-sacrificing God. I admit [Read More…]

Christ or antichrist?

Back in January 2011 when I first embarked on Hellbound?, I had no idea how deeply political the idea of hell could be. For me, the film was more of a personal journey, my attempt to grapple with a concept that had both repelled and fascinated me throughout my life as a Christian. As I’ve [Read More…]