Storming the four fortresses of hell – part 3

First it was freedom. Then truth. Now justice. In each case I’m looking at the connection between how we define these terms and our eschatology. In a previous post, I described six purposes of the justice system: 1. Retribution 2. Public Protection 3. Deterrence 4. Restitution 5. Rehabilitation 6. Reconciliation On a meta-level, you could [Read More…]

Storming the four fortresses of hell – part 1

Last week I closed my cheat sheet on hell by listing three “fortresses” on which people tend to plant their flag when it comes to developing a theology of post-mortem rewards and punishments. To review, they are: 1. Freedom 2. Justice 3. Love However, as I was reflecting on the post yesterday, I realized a [Read More…]