Mark Driscoll – the full “Hellbound?” interview

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but Vimeo has been giving me all sorts of technical grief. At any rate, it’s finally online. It goes for just over an hour, and it features everything you saw in the film and a whole lot more, including a spot where Mark gets a little [Read More…]

John McArthur and the Terror of Truth

Right now I’m listening to a sermon by John MacArthur in which he lays out what be believes is at stake regarding how Evangelicals view Roman Catholics: Are they co-laborers in Christ or are they a mission field? In his talk, MacArthur expresses his amazement that some Evangelicals think that merely by deciding Roman Catholics [Read More…]

Even Mark Driscoll recognizes MacArthur’s “Strange Fire” as textbook scapegoating

Much has been made of the fact Mark Driscoll was asked to stop passing out free copies of his new book when he made an impromptu appearance at John MacArthur’s Strange Fire conference last Friday. But that was merely a procedural matter. No one was allowed to hand out literature at the conference unless it [Read More…]

Christ or antichrist?

Back in January 2011 when I first embarked on Hellbound?, I had no idea how deeply political the idea of hell could be. For me, the film was more of a personal journey, my attempt to grapple with a concept that had both repelled and fascinated me throughout my life as a Christian. As I’ve [Read More…]

Storming the four fortresses of hell – conclusion

I began this series several weeks ago, inspired in part by some responses to my cheat sheet on hell. Since then, we’ve looked at truth, freedom and justice to see how our understanding of these terms affects our view of hell. Today we come to our final “fortress”: love. And what better way to begin [Read More…]