A video re: my upcoming film about Thomas Merton

James Martin, SJ, on behalf of Merton Movie from Knitted Heart on Vimeo. [Read more…]

News of our Thomas Merton film project hits the wires

Cathleen Falsani just wrote a very nice piece about The Divine Comedy of Thomas Merton, a feature film I’m writing with Hellbound? cinematographer Ben Eisner, who is set to direct this film. Brian McLaren also just gave our script a glowing endorsement, saying: Thomas Merton deserves to be known and read by a new generation, [Read More…]

Help us make “The Divine Comedy of Thomas Merton” a reality!

We’ve just launched a 60-day IndieGoGo campaign to raise $2.2 million in development and pre-production costs for┬áThe Divine Comedy of Thomas Merton. We plan to release the film in 2015, just in time for the 100th anniversary of Merton’s birth. Please take a few moments to watch our pitch video, read about the film and [Read More…]

New film project: The Divine Comedy of Thomas Merton

That’s the name of a script I co-wrote earlier this year with Ben Eisner, who was my director of photography on Hellbound?. We are just launching the film’s social media campaign, starting with the requisite Facebook and Twitter pages. Here’s a brief synopsis: In the summer of 1966, world famous monk and peace activist Thomas [Read More…]

I am the blood-drinking god

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the positive response to my recent post Christ or antichrist? However, perhaps not so surprisingly, it has not gone without criticism. The central critique goes something like this: You criticize binary thinking, but the entire post is written within a binary framework–the Sacrificial god vs. the Self-sacrificing God. I admit [Read More…]

Laying the groundwork for my next project(s)

Over the past several months Hellbound? has kept me more than busy with screenings, DVD/VOD preparations (Available May 28!), delivery to broadcasters and an endless stream of other details you never fully anticipate when setting out to produce, market and distribute an independent film. But when you lead the kind of life I do, you [Read More…]

Thomas Merton on “blood-drinking gods”

Strong hate, the hate that takes joy in hating, is strong because it does not believe itself to be unworthy and alone. It feels the support of a justifying God, of an idol of war, an avenging and destroying spirit. From such blood-drinking gods the human race was once liberated, with great toil and terrible [Read More…]