Andrew Jackson On The $20 Bill: Let’s Not Hide From History

As we were watching an episode of We Shall Remain, the PBS series about Native Americans, Zach said, “I just can’t see anything else where the Americans are the bad guys.” Ezra replied, “Yeah, it’s freakin’ me out.” It’s not that we hadn’t studied awful aspects of American history before.  We studied the role of [Read More...]

Dumb Things People Say To Adoptive Parents

Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t say to adoptive families. If you don’t want to be an idiot, that is. [Read more...]

Slave Castles and Watering Holes: Reflecting On Our Trip To Ghana

We’ve been home almost a week, and the intensity of what we experienced in Ghana is finally hitting me.  I finished a short video of  our trip last night, and I watched it this morning with our homeschool group.  It’s been two weeks since we visited the slave castles, and I shed my first tears [Read More...]

The Problem With Teaching Your Children That They Are Blessed

There is a menancing aspect to teaching your children that they are blessed because they are healthy and have money. Feeling blessed in the face of others’ suffering often serves to distance us from rather than connect us to others. We are blessed; they are not. [Read more...]

Nothing To Say, From Africa

I’m sitting in a hostel lobby in Accra, Ghana, trying to figure out what to say.  It shouldn’t be hard, really. We’re on an extreme field trip of sorts – here to see the Asante king in a parade next week, after having studied the Asante kingdom with our homeschool group last semester. This is [Read More...]

Let Them Eat Pi

Pi day isn’t just for nerds. Kids love to discover pi for themselves. And eating pie isn’t half bad either!
[Read more...]

Days 15 & 20: This Is What Science Looks Like

science, homeschool, inclined planes, simple machines, mucking around, how things work [Read more...]