Days 10 & 11: How Things Work

I’ve written before that one of the most common reactions people have to hearing that we homeschool is, “Oh God, I could never spend that much time with my kid.” I usually reassure them that it’s not that bad.   That’s it’s like when they were babies.  It’s overwhelming at first, but that you eventually [Read More…]

Day 9: Your Best Work

We’ve been asking the kids for several weeks, “Is this your best work? Invariably, they say yes and invariably the true answer is no.  And invariably, I find it disheartening. The humanities class I co-teach worked with a teacher at the MFA for three weeks to paint covers for the folktales they are writing.  They [Read More…]

Day 8: Socialization

Jeff and I took Ezra out for dinner tonight to have a state-of-the-boy talk.  Pizza, gelato, and lots of focused on attention from your parents.  What’s not to love? We talked about school, friendships, faith, family, and school.  When I asked him how he thought school was going this year, he said, “I’d say it’s [Read More…]

Day 7: The Field Trip

The secret to a good day of homeschool is the Field Trip.  (cue angels and harps) The field trip is to a tough week of homeschool what sex often is after a big fight: it reminds you that you like each other and that things are probably going to be okY. (These lines are from [Read More…]

Day 6: Hard Math

If I told you how many many edges and how many vertices were on a soccer ball, could you tell me how many faces were on it? No?  Neither could I before a few weeks ago. The boys take a math class taught by MIT grad students.  When they had to miss one week, I [Read More…]

Day 5

I’m feeling discouraged today.  Maybe it’s because we got an evaluation back that leaves me despairing that my son will ever have the skills to make it the world.  Maybe it’s because writing what we do every day is boring me.  Maybe it’s because I realized today that with all the other kids I teach, [Read More…]

Day 4: Been There, Done That

I don’t know what I had in mind when I started this month of blogging every day about what we do for homeschooling.  But it wasn’t this.  I’m completely bored, and we’re only on day four.  The first year of homeschooling, I wrote every day about what we were doing, and it was helpful to [Read More…]