Still thinking about race.  (See Day 1 and Day 2.) When I was first teaching, I had a brilliant student named Milky.  She was brilliant in both the sense that she lit up a room and that she mastered  academic challenges quickly. So when Milky told me that she was going to be away from [Read More...]

Talking Race

I’ve been thinking about race lately. Actually, I think about race a lot.  Just ask Kevin, a young White man who works for me as an AmericaCorp volunteer.  In his final reflection paper, Kevin was asked to sum up what he had learned having worked for two years running a variety of youth programming at [Read More...]

One of “Them”

A few years ago, sitting in the park with a group of hip, Cambridge mommas, I was feeling insecure.  These mothers are playwrights, and artists, and very, very Cambridge.  They are fun and liberal and like Margaritas.  And in spite of the fact that I write, and I’m politically liberal, and I’m usually fun, and [Read More...]

A Work In Progress

I’m so done with our mistakes project.  I’m done talking about it, reading about it, analyzing the data for it, and writing about it.  I’m done. Unfortunately, we aren’t close to actually finishing said project.  When we started, it was just going to be reading a few social stories and acting them out.  Then we [Read More...]

Pitching a Tent

What is it about a tent?  Two nights ago the boys set up a tent on the porch and slept out there with Daddy. Zach’s assessment of things as he crawled in for bed? “Oh my GOSH.  This is the most awesomest night of my life!!” Ezra’s thoughts? “Dude, we could move out here.” Daddy’s [Read More...]


The boys need an intervention.  A reading intervention, to be precise. Ezra, who has amazing comprehension skills, can’t decode or spell to save his life. Zach, who started reading well at three and could read Harry Potter IN SPANISH by five, doesn’t really understand what he is reading.  Oy! At last week’s IEP meeting for [Read More...]

Counting On It

Poor Jeff.  He was born in California during the 50s, which means that he learned to read and to do arithmetic during the 60s.  I don’t know if the reason he never received explicit phonics instruction was because his teachers were a couple decades ahead of the whole language craze or if everyone was just [Read More...]