Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

When Zach was a baby, I refused to call him colicky.  Even though he was absolutely colicky.  He could have been the poster child for colick, but I wasn’t about to slap a label on my newborn. I didn’t want to call him a “bad” baby right from the start.  People would judge him.  Or [Read More...]

Survey Monkeys

We’re still working away on our “Mistakes” story.  Tuesday, the boys and Wendy designed a survey to help them get a better sense of how adults experience mistakes. Here’s an email the boys sent to our friends today asking them to take the survey.  After you read it, if you have two minutes, you can [Read More...]


I knew that we were going to have a hard time with Ezra when he was just two.  I gave him his first time out for an infraction I no longer remember. I put him in his crib without his blankie, and two hours later he was still there, refusing to say he was sorry. [Read More...]

Get on the bus

We just finished watching the PBS American Experience episode, Freedom Riders. Ezra fell asleep around ten fifteen, but he was riveted until he could no longer keep his eyes open. Zach made it all the way ’till eleven, shaking his head in disbelief the whole time. As I watched, all of my anxiety about recent [Read More...]

Big Mommas

Stop the presses!  This just in: Children need big mommas. I had started a post on my conflicted feelings about assigning labels to my kids.  But then I heard this, from a good friend about another friend, who is rather rotund: ….. She said that she wasn’t going to lose any weight because it would [Read More...]

Great Expectations

“Daddy?” “Yeah?” “You know how you took the whole day off on Zach’s birthday?” “Yeah?” “I expect you to do EXACTLY the same thing on my birthday!” “Okay, Ez.” “No, Daddy.  I’m serious.  THE ENTIRE DAY.” “Okay, Ez.  I won’t work on your birthday.” “That’s what I’m totally expecting.” This kind of talk would normally [Read More...]


Last week, I started a series on Social Stories and how we are using them to help the boys process typical social interactions.  In the first post, I included a sample story about making mistakes.  If you read it, you may have noticed that it contains no second person statements.  No directives either.  No good [Read More...]