Life on Planet Earth

Several people working with the boys over the years suggested that I read “social stories” to them.  I always assumed this meant that I should find books about a boy lying to his father, or a girl left out of a recess game, stories that show how we should react in common social situations. But [Read More…]

Keep Hope Dead

Being socially clueless has its benefits. Like today, when we told the boys that Kathiana would be returning to Costa Rica in September.  Both boys were upset and asked her a lot questions about why she needed to leave and if there wasn’t some way that she could stay.  After it was clear that she [Read More…]

Remembering Mac

Mac died today. Mac is short for Judah Maccabee.  He was the boys’ Hanukkah present in 2008.  A leopard gecko who ate crickets when he was young and mealworms when he could no longer catch the crickets.  He had been declining for quite a while now and it came as no surprise to find him [Read More…]

Who knew?

Several times this week, I heard myself telling someone that I love homeschooling.  If you’ve been reading this blog since we began last September, you’re probably surprised to hear this. Not as surprised as I am to say it.  Six weeks ago, I wrote that I actually like homeschooling.  Now I’m here to say that [Read More…]

Not Right At All

After hearing us talk today about the tornadoes that swept through the South yesterday, the boys wanted to see video of a tornado.  Jeff pulled up a montage from The Times.  After a few minutes, Ezra, who looked disappointed, said, “I want to see screaming, and people running for their lives.” I gasped and shouted, [Read More…]


Got up with the flu this morning.  But I had to drag myself out of bed because Jeff had jury duty, the house cleaners were coming, and the house was cyclone-struck disaster. I started in our bedroom, where I rolled up the sleeping bag and camp mats that had been out since Zach and Ezra [Read More…]


Yesterday, I told the boys that one of their friends ran a mile – which was all they needed to hear.  Today they both ran a mile for the first time. As part of our vigorous exercise program, they have been running once a week, working toward the goal of running a mile before the [Read More…]