It’s Nice To Be Known

Sometimes the boys say the sweetest things. On the way home from his social skills group today, Zach showed me a book he made about his feelings.  When he showed me a page about feeling nervous around new people, I said, “Yeah.  I know it’s kind of hard for you to go to a house [Read More…]


What is it about a man in uniform? So sexy. At least that’s what I thought.  Until I saw Jeff, after working hard to obtain the rank, raise his right hand, make the oath, and receive his badge.  Maybe it was that he was becoming a Junior Ranger at Redwood National Park.  Maybe it was [Read More…]

Early to Bed

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.  What parent doesn’t? Tonight, for the first time, the boys and I went out to drink beer, sing drinking songs, and eat peanuts at the local pub. So what if it was root beer, and the songs were from the 18th century, and the pub [Read More…]

So Embarrassing

On the way into Colonial Williamsburg today, I noticed that you could rent costumes for the day.  “Guys, we can rent costumes!  Who wants to get costumes tomorrow?” Ezra couldn’t wait for me to get the entire question out before he blurted out, “I do!  I want one, Mom!” All three of the older boys [Read More…]


Every muscle, every fiber, every brain cell.  They are all tired. My daddy came home today.  The doctors need to wait for his kidney function to improve before he has a needed heart procedure.  In the meantime, he is at home. Coming home is good.  So, so good.  But it’s a lot of lifting, and [Read More…]

Because I Have Limits

Warning:  Salty language ahead. I spent nine hours today getting ice chips, and talking to doctors, and putting away food trays, and generally waiting on my daddy, who is still in the hospital.  Except for hating that my dad is miserable, I had a great day. A great day, despite coming up against what others [Read More…]

The Nature of Childhood

I brought the boys to Plimoth Plantation today with many hopes.  For example, I hoped the boys would see how hard the Plimoth children worked and feel bad about the way they sigh when I ask them to pick up their coats.  I suppose I could lie and say that I hoped the boys would [Read More…]