Everything I Need To Know About Raising Children I Could Have Learned In Obedience School

When I was having a hard time convincing my boys to quit jumping on the couches, it never occurred to me to pay a dog trainer two hundred dollars an hour to help me out.  Maybe I should have, because what I have learned from our trainer in the last year has been worth far [Read More…]

Can A Slave Owning General Be A Hero?

For everyone who wants to say that George Washington was the most honorable man our country has ever known, there is a ghost crying out for justice. For everyone who demands that we see him only as an oppressor whose fight for “liberty for all” was a mockery, there is are decisions he made regarding slavery that required more strength than most of us will ever show about anything. Liberty demands justice, but it’s meaningless without mercy. [Read more…]

Giving Testimony To The Truth Of Our Lives

Those of us who profess Jesus as savior and friend diminish his good news if he is only good news when we get a new job or a cure for cancer. We need to give testimony during both our joy and our sorrow. Sometimes our testimony is simply that – by grace alone – we haven’t given up. And that’s worth telling too. [Read more…]

The Year My Dad Died, Jeff’s Hair Fell Out, And We Stopped Having Sex

My dad died, my faith took a hit on the chin, and I gained twenty pounds. Jeff’s hair fell out, his testosterone plummeted, and we stopped having sex. How does a marriage, or a faith, survive all that? [Read more…]

Shameless Self-Promotion

I’ve never been paid to write.  On the contrary, I’ve spent lots of money to write.  I’ve paid for conferences and paid someone to edit my memoir draft.  Before I moved to Patheos, I paid for a domain name for my blog.  And lets not forgot all the money I spent in grad school so [Read More…]

Parenting Is Supposed To Get Easier, Right?

Tara’s ten-year-old son packed a knife to take on the train so that he could protect himself and his younger brother. Was this a sign that he watches too much violent TV? Or that he has a noble instinct to protect his brother? Everyone says that parenting gets easier over time. But figuring out what’s normal and what’s a problem can be more difficult as children get older. [Read more…]

Rick Riordan Was A Homeschooler?

Rick Riordan homeschooled his son? Yup. [Read more…]