Goodie Bags At Jesus’ Birthday Party

What if Jesus got the good gifts for this birthday, and we got goodie bags? [Read more…]

Soon And Very Soon

We have a very simple Advent routine around here.  We light the candles in our advent wreath, tell a story, sing a song, and blow out the candles.  Fifteen minutes of getting ready, of entering the mystery of Christmas, of awakening our longings for all to be made right.  That’s it. As I wrote yesterday, [Read More…]

A Season Of Longing

Death is a horror. I don’t know how I forgot that, but I did.  I’ve had moments of remembering, of course; you have to be sleepwalking through this world to refuse any awareness of the horror of death.  What I forgot was the power of some deaths, or rather some loves, to bring on a [Read More…]

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Twenty Sunday school students sit in rapt attention as I roll out the Advent story.  The script, the candles, the materials – they draw us in. As we get ready to hear the story of the Holy Family, the story for the second week of Advent, I say: The church learned long ago that it takes [Read More…]