Ninety Percent Nicer: Homeschooling Children With Disabilities

When Tara went to a dyslexia conference, Ezra cheered, claiming that she was always “90% nicer” after attending one of “those meetings.” Was he right? Did his mother need a reminder about how severely his disabilities affected him in order to treat him with the understanding and patience he needed? [Read more…]

Roller Coasters

I knew that Zach was afraid, but I pushed him to try it anyway. I could write about any number of activities after that introduction. ¬†Swim lessons, the Lego Car Rally at MIT, and pepperoni pizza, for example, all required lots of prodding, hand holding, and praying. ¬†Zach is often afraid of new experiences, and [Read More…]

When I Grow Up

  “Nafisa, do you like history?” Zach asked a fourteen year old friend who was here tonight. “I do like history.” “Then you are going to LOVE the volcano video.” “Zach, honey,” I jump in, “that video isn’t about history.” “But it has a lot of historical stuff in it.” “Well, history, as a subject [Read More…]