Blogging Is Hazardous To Your Spiritual Health: Why I Do It Anyway

Blogging is good for her spiritual life. Blogging is bad for her spiritual life. What’s a girl to do? [Read more…]

That’s just how nature is.

I never know where the next blog theme will come from.  I wake up, have a cup of coffee, really wake up, and start the day.  I certainly don’t plan my day around a theme, but before I know it I hear something in the recesses of my brain asking, “Did you notice that?  That’s [Read More…]

Pushing Buttons

You may have noticed that I posted my first pictures last week.  Now that I know how to do it, it’s no big deal, right?  Why is technology like that – for me anyway? I didn’t use a breast milk pump for six months because just staring at the machine made me feel anxious.  Then [Read More…]