You Can’t Make Your Children Happy

Last Monday, I almost cheated on the National Mythology Exam. Why was it so difficult for me to let my son fail? Like too many modern, American parents I am unwillingness to let my children struggle and fail. Unfortunately for all of us, we are raising a generation that is too often anxious, dependent, and unable to do the hard work of cultivating the dreams, disciplines, and relationships that make life joyful. [Read more…]

Monday Memories: Get On The Bus

Tonight, as I put my kids to bed before the debate, I remembered other nights when I let them stay up late to watch something on TV.  But presidential debates are not worth lost sleep in our house.  Being an engaged citizen matters, and I understand that engagement often involves politics.  But I don’t think [Read More…]

Note to Self

[Read more…]

The Nature of Childhood

I brought the boys to Plimoth Plantation today with many hopes.  For example, I hoped the boys would see how hard the Plimoth children worked and feel bad about the way they sigh when I ask them to pick up their coats.  I suppose I could lie and say that I hoped the boys would [Read More…]