Black History Did Not Begin With Slavery

  Malcom X was known to remind African Americans that their history “did not begin in chains.” Well, duh, right?  Everyone knows that, right? Except that, somehow, I didn’t. I’ve done a fair amount a anti-racism work in my life, trying to dig up and destroy all of its ugly roots from beneath the surface. [Read More…]

Colonial House

I thought I would use a slow day (which really means a day when we didn’t do any school work) to put up something about our unit on colonial America.  Below is a list of activities and resources, in no particular order, that we are incorporating into our study of Colonial America. To see a list [Read More…]


Whew. A week of reading the work of Ellen Galinsky and Charlotte Mason.  A week of writing about them and how they connect to what we are trying to pull off at home.  And a week of putting up material for the Curriculum section of this blog. I feel like I just turned in my [Read More…]