My Little Triathletes

I was always more of a mathlete than an athlete. My one memory of childhood athletics was drawing flowers in the dirt when I was supposed to be playing outfield.  Well, there are also all of those memories of failing different aspects of the President’s physical fitness test each year.   Mathletes never fare well [Read More…]


Yesterday, I told the boys that one of their friends ran a mile – which was all they needed to hear.  Today they both ran a mile for the first time. As part of our vigorous exercise program, they have been running once a week, working toward the goal of running a mile before the [Read More…]

Lady Spark

I always hated the big fuss people made over PMS.  I never had it myself, and sometimes I wondered if these women weren’t just bitchy and sad in general, and looking for an excuse to let it all hang out once a month.  Besides, didn’t they know that this did not look good for our [Read More…]

Attention Spark

ADHD. While only two members of our family have an official diagnosis, I wouldn’t be surprised if we would all qualify for one.  Focus is not our strong suit.  Or maybe I should say that Focus is only one of many suits we wear.  Focus is just fine for a little while and under the [Read More…]

Anxiety Spark

I read that nearly one in five people in the US has a diagnosable anxiety disorder.  Can that be true?  How are we ever going to pass a budget or design great schools or keep families intact if every one is stressed out all of the time? If Dr. John Ratey is right, the answer [Read More…]


I long ago promised to continue my review of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. This week I make good on that promise, reviewing one chapter each day, Tuesday through Friday. I chose chapters based on their relevance to our homeschool life.  It was hard to pick, and there are not [Read More…]


What’s so special about Naperville, Illinois? Is it that their 8th graders scored sixth in the world in science and first in math on the famous Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study?  That same year, the US as a whole ranked 18th and 19th respectively.  That fact made national news in 2000 and would [Read More…]