The Night Before Homeschooling…

I love homeschooling in ways I couldn’t have imagined three years ago. But it’s never been easy, and many days I worry that we are not preparing any of our children well enough for what lies ahead, especially as we adopt a less-than-driven approach to schooling. When that happens, I stop and remind myself of why we are doing this. And it has nothing to do with reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic. [Read more…]

Raising Ben

“Ezra, honey, I’ve got some bad news.” “What’s wrong, Daddy?” “Ben died, sweetie.  I’m sorry.” Ezra walked slowly to the kitchen, where Ben lie on his back, one-inch claws pointing stiffly upward.  Ezra stared at his beloved hermit crab in disbelief.  And then he began wailing.  Keening really. He was rocking back and forth, with [Read More…]