Can A Slave Owning General Be A Hero?

For everyone who wants to say that George Washington was the most honorable man our country has ever known, there is a ghost crying out for justice. For everyone who demands that we see him only as an oppressor whose fight for “liberty for all” was a mockery, there is are decisions he made regarding slavery that required more strength than most of us will ever show about anything. Liberty demands justice, but it’s meaningless without mercy. [Read more…]

In Pursuit Of Virtue

“Ezra, explain to me what’s going on with you and Zach lately.  Why are you wailing on him all the time?” I asked in the car today. “Because I like it.  He annoys me and it’s fun.” “But it’s not right.” “But I like it.” Which is, of course, the problem.  Virtue has so little [Read More…]