Easter Celebrations and Amusement Parks: Disappointing

On Easter, we’ll put on fancy clothes and head off to church. We’ll enjoy the music and the friends. We’ll enjoy hearing the resurrection story. On the way home, though, we’ll wonder if the celebration lived up to all the hype. We’ll be left asking ourselves, “Was that it?” The answer, gratefully, is No. [Read more…]

Soon And Very Soon

We have a very simple Advent routine around here.  We light the candles in our advent wreath, tell a story, sing a song, and blow out the candles.  Fifteen minutes of getting ready, of entering the mystery of Christmas, of awakening our longings for all to be made right.  That’s it. As I wrote yesterday, [Read More…]

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Twenty Sunday school students sit in rapt attention as I roll out the Advent story.  The script, the candles, the materials – they draw us in. As we get ready to hear the story of the Holy Family, the story for the second week of Advent, I say: The church learned long ago that it takes [Read More…]