The Year My Dad Died, Jeff’s Hair Fell Out, And We Stopped Having Sex

My dad died, my faith took a hit on the chin, and I gained twenty pounds. Jeff’s hair fell out, his testosterone plummeted, and we stopped having sex. How does a marriage, or a faith, survive all that? [Read more…]

Boston Is A Small World

The anger I feel that someone bombed Boston has taken me by surprise. I had started to think of myself primarily as a digital citizen of a shrinking world. Monday reminded me otherwise. [Read more…]

Soon And Very Soon

We have a very simple Advent routine around here.  We light the candles in our advent wreath, tell a story, sing a song, and blow out the candles.  Fifteen minutes of getting ready, of entering the mystery of Christmas, of awakening our longings for all to be made right.  That’s it. As I wrote yesterday, [Read More…]

A Season Of Longing

Death is a horror. I don’t know how I forgot that, but I did.  I’ve had moments of remembering, of course; you have to be sleepwalking through this world to refuse any awareness of the horror of death.  What I forgot was the power of some deaths, or rather some loves, to bring on a [Read More…]


Today I am celebrating Thanksgiving with nearly 40 international students who’ve come to Massachusetts for graduate school.  We have come to New Hampshire for two nights of fireplaces and pies and hiking, and lots of botched communication.  Last night, we read Lincoln’s proclamation that the entire nation should spend a day in thanksgiving.  It’s a [Read More…]