Do Homeschoolers Need More Regulation?

  The number of homeschoolers grew by nearly twenty percent between 2007 and 20012.  Not surprisingly, then, there has been increased attention on homeschooling from legislatures around the country. What is the appropriate role of the state in the lives of homeschoolers?  Do I as a parent have the right to call all the shots for my [Read More…]

Let Them Eat Pi

Pi day isn’t just for nerds. Kids love to discover pi for themselves. And eating pie isn’t half bad either!
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Day 13: Celebration

After sharing for a bit, we sat for a moment in silent gratitude for the kingdoms of ancient Africa, for the work of Dr. King and others who gave up their lives for justice and peace, for the parents who make our class possible, and for the kids who worked so hard to make the day possible. And then we ate. [Read more…]

Day 7: The Field Trip

The secret to a good day of homeschool is the Field Trip.  (cue angels and harps) The field trip is to a tough week of homeschool what sex often is after a big fight: it reminds you that you like each other and that things are probably going to be okY. (These lines are from [Read More…]

Day 6: Hard Math

If I told you how many many edges and how many vertices were on a soccer ball, could you tell me how many faces were on it? No?  Neither could I before a few weeks ago. The boys take a math class taught by MIT grad students.  When they had to miss one week, I [Read More…]

A Day In The Life Of Homeschooling: Day 2

This is what homeschooling looks like. Kind of boring, huh? [Read more…]

A Day In The Life Of Homeschooling: Day 1

For those who want to see what homeschooling might look like, I started a month of blogging about what we do all day (or don’t do). Today was less than impressive. [Read more…]