The Nature of Childhood

I brought the boys to Plimoth Plantation today with many hopes.  For example, I hoped the boys would see how hard the Plimoth children worked and feel bad about the way they sigh when I ask them to pick up their coats.  I suppose I could lie and say that I hoped the boys would [Read More…]

Art School

Jake was not homeschooled.  Kind of the opposite, really.  He left home when he was fourteen to go to a special art school. He loved art.  He needed more art.  He couldn’t get enough art, or the right kind of training, from his school.  So he found a school where he could, and he moved [Read More…]


Ezra came downstairs this morning with big news.   He had just read that, “two hundred people died climbing Mt. Everest.  And only eight hundred people made it to the top!” “Wow.  That means that one if five people died trying,” I noted, using every opportunity to sneak in a little math. “Well, I’m gonna [Read More…]

The presence of God

Have you ever just wanted to slap Brother Lawrence in the face?  No?  It’s just me? If you’re not part of the Christian-small-world, Brother Lawrence is every evangelical’s favorite monk — more than Luther, who’s got all that ugly anti-Semitism staining his record; or Francis, who raises an eyebrow with his namby pamby fellowship with [Read More…]

Comb Sweet Comb

To use Ezra’s definition, today was a marked day. We brought home 10,000 bees today.  Got their hive set up.  Put in enough sugar water and pollen cake to keep them going until they can take care of themselves.  Zach pointed out that the pollen cake was a great source of protein. Ezra pointed out [Read More…]

Lady Spark

I always hated the big fuss people made over PMS.  I never had it myself, and sometimes I wondered if these women weren’t just bitchy and sad in general, and looking for an excuse to let it all hang out once a month.  Besides, didn’t they know that this did not look good for our [Read More…]

Attention Spark

ADHD. While only two members of our family have an official diagnosis, I wouldn’t be surprised if we would all qualify for one.  Focus is not our strong suit.  Or maybe I should say that Focus is only one of many suits we wear.  Focus is just fine for a little while and under the [Read More…]