Can A Slave Owning General Be A Hero?

For everyone who wants to say that George Washington was the most honorable man our country has ever known, there is a ghost crying out for justice. For everyone who demands that we see him only as an oppressor whose fight for “liberty for all” was a mockery, there is are decisions he made regarding slavery that required more strength than most of us will ever show about anything. Liberty demands justice, but it’s meaningless without mercy. [Read more…]

Rick Riordan Was A Homeschooler?

Rick Riordan homeschooled his son? Yup. [Read more…]

An Open Letter To Rick Riordan From A Nine-Year-Old Fan

A homeschooling nine-year-old invites Rick Riordan to class. Will he say ‘yes’? (Plus video from a talk Riordan gave the night the boy gave him the letter.) [Read more…]

Wondering About School Reform: Can good books and bathroom breaks fix our schools?

Why does school have to look so different from anything we would consider a healthy, productive, enjoyable life. What would happen if we got rid of almost everything we currently do in school? [Read more…]

Touching Homeschool Moment #127

In her fourth year of homeschooling now, Tara can tell story after story about the joys of being at home with her boys as they grow and learn. This is not one of them. [Read more…]

Pushing Your Chicks Out Of The Nest

“Momma? Momma?” Zach was mock whispering and rocking my nearly comatose body back and forth, hoping to rouse me so that I could answer an urgent question.  I should have been up, but it was June and I was sort of hoping we could all just pretend that school was out for the summer. “Mmmmm,” [Read More…]

Answers To All Your Questions About Homeschool

When it comes to homeschooling, I’ve answered every question and critique in the book. From now on, I’ll just refer people to this brilliant video. [Read more…]