Are You Dreading Your Kids This Summer?

“I give you a lot of credit.  I could never do it.  If I homeschooled, we would all kill each other.” I hear some version of this nearly every week.  The implication is that somehow I am different from those other mothers, the mothers who breathe a sigh of relief when they drop their kids [Read More…]

Dragonbox Will Teach Your Five-Year-Old Algebra. Really, truly.

Dragonbox will teach your five-year-old to do algebra. Really, truly. I’m not a big fan of educational apps, but this one changed my mind. [Read more…]

Monday Memories: Why Homeschooled Kids Are Weird

It’s been more than two years since I posted this.  In that time, my fear that our kids would turn out to be weird if we homeschooled has largely disappeared.  Now, I just embrace the fact. __________________________________________________________ Why Homeschooled Kids Are Weird, September, 2010 Eleven AM and we are trying to get out the door [Read More…]

The Goodness of Work (and money)

All three kids came running downstairs on Monday night.  They had fistfuls of cash they wanted to give us.  By the time we counted it all up, they had given us $238. This followed on the heels of Zach reprimanding us for buying tickets to California to see Jeff’s family.  He would only ease up [Read More…]

Monday Memories: Delicious Perfume

“Mom, you said we can make Chinese french fries today,” Zach reminded me at least five times today. His persistent pleas reminded me of what special place those fries have in our hearts.  They were one of the few bright lights amongst the misery that marked our first year of homeschooling.  The following post, for Monday [Read More…]

The Mommas Inspire Me

Homeschool mommas are a thrifty lot. Seriously, these women are no joke.  When was the last time you walked in to a ski lodge and saw a group of women sitting around a table, knitting and drinking coffee out of mason jars, all of which they brought from home, while chili slowly warmed in a [Read More…]

What’s Your Dream? A Family Activity For MLK Day

Tomorrow is MLK Day, and inauguration day, and a day when your family will likely be home.  So whether or not you normally homeschool, why not try it for the day?  Here are some ideas that our family will try out tomorrow, based on the fact the boys are studying the American Revolution. 1.  Read [Read More…]