Day 14: Just Do SOMETHING

After waiting several seconds for the kids to guess how he had done the card trick, Professor Francis Su, a friend of ours and the President of the Mathematical Association of American, said, “When you don’t know the answer, when you aren’t sure what to do, do SOMETHING.  If you do nothing, you’re never going [Read More…]

The Night Before Homeschooling…

I love homeschooling in ways I couldn’t have imagined three years ago. But it’s never been easy, and many days I worry that we are not preparing any of our children well enough for what lies ahead, especially as we adopt a less-than-driven approach to schooling. When that happens, I stop and remind myself of why we are doing this. And it has nothing to do with reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic. [Read more…]

Ninety Percent Nicer: Homeschooling Children With Disabilities

When Tara went to a dyslexia conference, Ezra cheered, claiming that she was always “90% nicer” after attending one of “those meetings.” Was he right? Did his mother need a reminder about how severely his disabilities affected him in order to treat him with the understanding and patience he needed? [Read more…]

The Desires Of Children

I stood in the park last week consoling a weepy mother.  Her homeschooled daughter was asking to go to school and the mother was overcome with guilt.  “Am I being selfish keeping her at home?” she wanted to know. “Have you asked her why she wants to go to school?” I asked. She hadn’t; so [Read More…]


I just read an article in the NY Times about decision fatigue.  It turns out that we make worse decisions as the day goes on because our brains tire of making so many decisions. The more decisions you make in a day, the more tired and less effective your brain is. But parenting is all [Read More…]

Breakfast for Dinner

When I came home tonight, Ezra was crying. “We missed breakfast for dinner two weeks in a row!” “Yeah, Mom,” Zach jumped in to side with Ezra.  “We need to have breakfast for dinner tomorrow, tacos on Friday, and pizza on Saturday.” Last month, when I read Simplicity Parenting, I was struck by how chaotic [Read More…]

When I Grow Up

  “Nafisa, do you like history?” Zach asked a fourteen year old friend who was here tonight. “I do like history.” “Then you are going to LOVE the volcano video.” “Zach, honey,” I jump in, “that video isn’t about history.” “But it has a lot of historical stuff in it.” “Well, history, as a subject [Read More…]