The boys went letterboxing today. Never heard of it? Neither had I until last fall.  Like all great sub-cultures, this one has strange etiquette, conflicting information on the internet, ways to distinguish between the wanna-bes and the this-is-my-lifers, and long-standing feuds between groups with different philosophies. Here’s a quick primer: Someone hides a box in a [Read More…]

That’s just how nature is.

I never know where the next blog theme will come from.  I wake up, have a cup of coffee, really wake up, and start the day.  I certainly don’t plan my day around a theme, but before I know it I hear something in the recesses of my brain asking, “Did you notice that?  That’s [Read More…]


Here’s how it was advertised: It’s a City for Kids, Run by Kids! Kidtropolis, USA marks a brand new spot on the map as a real-life kid metropolis complete with a skyline, city government, occupations and the systems that make a city work. Kids will keep the city running by taking on the roles of: city leaders; voters; workers; shoppers; [Read More…]

You gotta tap that!

Tonight as I was putting the boys to bed, I prayed, “Thank you, God, for letting my boys tap a maple tree.” “You’re still jealous of us, right Mom?” asked Ezra. I don’t think I was jealous of my 6 and 8 year old sons.  I think I was just psyched that they had so [Read More…]

The Birds and The Bees

Did you know that NONE of the kids’ books on bees or frogs or penguins or pandas mentions the father’s role in reproduction.  At first, I thought it was a fluke, but I’m starting to think it’s some kind of conspiracy.  It could be the much feared castrating feminists.  Or maybe it’s some segment of [Read More…]


Today was a big day.  For me anyway. We took out the fancy timeline books I bought for the boys and made our first entries.  Why is that such a big deal? Because a coherent timeline is perhaps the single biggest gap in my education.  (Hence my embarrassing confusion about dinosaurs and humans.)  I never [Read More…]

Not Fair!

“That’s not fair!” I hear this refrain so often I’m thinking of tattooing it on the boys’ palms. That way they can just wave their hands in disgust whenever the world (meaning Jeff or I) deal them some cruel blow. Like going to school on a “snow day.” Or rewriting a paper with a bunch [Read More…]