A Lost World Of Family Time

Children today suffer from too much stuff, too many choices, too much information and too little time. But it’s not too late to simplify your life and reclaim your family. [Read more…]

Dropping The Kids Off At Camp: Why We Left Our Boys With Strangers

In that moment, I knew we had made the right decision to send the boys to camp. And in the panicky moments since then, I keep reminding myself that my boys will see a truer version of themselves in the eyes of those counselors than they often see in mine. And then I pray that I would have eyes to see that version too. [Read more…]

Second Families

Your kid behaves worse at home than anywhere else? That’s why he needs a second family. That’s why they all do. [Read more…]

You Can’t Make Your Children Happy

Last Monday, I almost cheated on the National Mythology Exam. Why was it so difficult for me to let my son fail? Like too many modern, American parents I am unwillingness to let my children struggle and fail. Unfortunately for all of us, we are raising a generation that is too often anxious, dependent, and unable to do the hard work of cultivating the dreams, disciplines, and relationships that make life joyful. [Read more…]

Roller Coasters

I knew that Zach was afraid, but I pushed him to try it anyway. I could write about any number of activities after that introduction.  Swim lessons, the Lego Car Rally at MIT, and pepperoni pizza, for example, all required lots of prodding, hand holding, and praying.  Zach is often afraid of new experiences, and [Read More…]


“Ezra! Slow down and wait for Daddy!” I shouted into the wind, hoping to stop Ezra from racing up a steep cliff that, to my eyes, looked dangerous.  To Ezra’s eyes, it looked “AWESOME!” “It’s okay, Zach.  You can go up higher.  Why don’t you try that path on the left?” Zach was definitely NOT [Read More…]