Apples to Apples

What do barbershops, winter, and dead fish have to do with the word miserable?  What do board games have to do with homeschool? Making connections, of course. While Zach and I were in Houston, our host’s mother called to say that she was reading through the blog and had made it to October.  She had [Read More…]

Salt and Flour Maps

I always had the best salt and flour maps.  So did my sisters.  And not just a little better than the other kids.  Our salt and flour maps were the Harvard of relief maps compared to the community college crap my classmates tried to pass off. Everyone else carried theirs in on little pieces of [Read More…]


One of the best things about sending my kids to school was that I could run errands in peace.  (I could also go back to bed with Jeff, who works from home many mornings, but that’s a whole different post – let’s call it The Effects of Homeschooling on Marital Relations.)  If I want to run [Read More…]

Skill 7: Self-Directed, Engaged Learning

(Warning: This is a ridiculously long post – made longer by this warning.  But I loved this last skill.  Back to short and sweet tomorrow.) We were at a birthday party last week when one of the girls from Zach’s 1st grade class asked him, “So you have school in your house now?” “Yeah,” he [Read More…]

Day 6 of Mind in the Making – Too Easy!

Zach was talking to his grandmother this weekend on speaker phone, and she asked how homeschool was going. “It’s good.” “It is?  What are you learning?” “Nothing.  It’s easy.” “It’s easy?  Well, aren’t you learning writing and math and history?” “Nope. We don’t do those. Everything is easy. Which would be bad news if it [Read More…]

Day 5 of Mind in the Making – Critical Thinking

“Mommy, why do the leaves fall from the top of the tree first?” Ezra asked this question in the car last week, and before I could say anything in response, he and Zachary started spouting off theories about what could cause this phenomenon. Which is good, because I had nothing to say.   I had never [Read More…]

Day 3 of Mind in the Making – Communication

“This is where it happened.” That’s how Ezra began one of his tall tales last year.  As he and Jeff were walking by a corner in Central Square, Ezra launched into a story of how my mother was mugged the last time she was in town and crossing the street with Ezra on that very [Read More…]