The Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone who helped us with the mistakes survey!  (To read more about the project, click here, here and here.)  We hope you enjoy our reports (which were dictated to our friend Beth). INTRODUCTION & METHODS From Zach: We wanted to learn about what mistakes people made and how they react.  We were reading [Read More…]

Survey Monkeys

We’re still working away on our “Mistakes” story.  Tuesday, the boys and Wendy designed a survey to help them get a better sense of how adults experience mistakes. Here’s an email the boys sent to our friends today asking them to take the survey.  After you read it, if you have two minutes, you can [Read More…]

Life on Planet Earth

Several people working with the boys over the years suggested that I read “social stories” to them.  I always assumed this meant that I should find books about a boy lying to his father, or a girl left out of a recess game, stories that show how we should react in common social situations. But [Read More…]