Parenting Is Supposed To Get Easier, Right?

Tara’s ten-year-old son packed a knife to take on the train so that he could protect himself and his younger brother. Was this a sign that he watches too much violent TV? Or that he has a noble instinct to protect his brother? Everyone says that parenting gets easier over time. But figuring out what’s normal and what’s a problem can be more difficult as children get older. [Read more…]

Touching Homeschool Moment #127

In her fourth year of homeschooling now, Tara can tell story after story about the joys of being at home with her boys as they grow and learn. This is not one of them. [Read more…]

We’re Raising a Nation of Incompetent Narcissists

We are raising a nation of incompetent narcissists! Precious little darlings, who can’t skin their knees or end a season without a trophy. Future college applicants, who are reading by five and adding fractions by six, and who are nonetheless unable to tie their shoes or eat in a restaurant that doesn’t serve chicken tenders. Four-foot consumers, who demand that their parents’ mini-van purchases meet all of their entertainment needs. [Read more…]

Ninety Percent Nicer: Homeschooling Children With Disabilities

When Tara went to a dyslexia conference, Ezra cheered, claiming that she was always “90% nicer” after attending one of “those meetings.” Was he right? Did his mother need a reminder about how severely his disabilities affected him in order to treat him with the understanding and patience he needed? [Read more…]

Can You Help Your Children Develop A Conscience?

My sweet, rule-following, justice-oriented son stole a friend’s Pokemon card last week. Then he announced the feat during an evening of sharing our highs and lows. As his high. Our question: Can you help your children develop a conscience? [Read more…]

You Can’t Make Your Children Happy

Last Monday, I almost cheated on the National Mythology Exam. Why was it so difficult for me to let my son fail? Like too many modern, American parents I am unwillingness to let my children struggle and fail. Unfortunately for all of us, we are raising a generation that is too often anxious, dependent, and unable to do the hard work of cultivating the dreams, disciplines, and relationships that make life joyful. [Read more…]

Monday Memories: A Long Runway

On Mondays, I repost older pieces that are somehow relevant again. Last week, a reader asked about whether homeschooling was delaying our children’s development, and this piece came to mind.  I first posted it nearly two years ago, and it still speaks to me today.  Thanks again to the young father who shared the idea with [Read More…]