My Kids Grew Up – And I Like Them Better

I am currently parenting three kids, the youngest of whom is eight. Thank God. Because parenting two toddler boys who were only sixteen months apart nearly killed me.  Yes, I adored them.  Yes, I loved snuggling them and rocking them to sleep.  Yes, they were cute and funny and broke my heart open in new [Read More…]

The Desires Of Children

I stood in the park last week consoling a weepy mother.  Her homeschooled daughter was asking to go to school and the mother was overcome with guilt.  “Am I being selfish keeping her at home?” she wanted to know. “Have you asked her why she wants to go to school?” I asked. She hadn’t; so [Read More…]

Trayvon Martin Could Not Have Been My Son

My friend Cameron has been unrelenting in Facebook posts about Trayvon Martin. He’s really mad.  Incensed, actually.  Bereft, I think, but he doesn’t say so. Sometimes, after reading a particularly indignant post, I worry about his emotional state. Then, a little while later, I worry about my own because I feel so little of what [Read More…]

Father Does Not Know Best, But Neither Do I

When Zach was first born and I was unsure of how to keep him alive, let alone help him grow up to be kind and generous and able to fix a toaster, Jeff and I would fight.  Jeff thought that Zach was gaining weight just fine; I thought we should take him in to the [Read More…]

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Twenty Sunday school students sit in rapt attention as I roll out the Advent story.  The script, the candles, the materials – they draw us in. As we get ready to hear the story of the Holy Family, the story for the second week of Advent, I say: The church learned long ago that it takes [Read More…]

Note to Self

[Read more…]

Check Mate

After my first thoughts on the Tiger Mom controversy, I haven’t had much to say. But today I chaperoned our chess club‘s first trip to a US Chess Federation tournament.  And all of my theoretical appreciation for any parenting style that puts pressure on kids to “win” went out the window.  In its place is [Read More…]