Ezra came downstairs this morning with big news.   He had just read that, “two hundred people died climbing Mt. Everest.  And only eight hundred people made it to the top!” “Wow.  That means that one if five people died trying,” I noted, using every opportunity to sneak in a little math. “Well, I’m gonna [Read More…]

Comb Sweet Comb

To use Ezra’s definition, today was a marked day. We brought home 10,000 bees today.  Got their hive set up.  Put in enough sugar water and pollen cake to keep them going until they can take care of themselves.  Zach pointed out that the pollen cake was a great source of protein. Ezra pointed out [Read More…]

Little Revolutionaries

“Ezra? Why are you going into the basement?” “I’ve gotta get some really sharp tools.” Okay, let’s back up a minute. There was no school today.  When the boys found out that the public school kids had the day off, they too wanted the day off.  What was the occasion, you ask?  Saint Patrick’s Day, [Read More…]

Trashing Europe

Ezra proudly read the sign outside the gas station.  “God Bless America!” A few seconds further down the road, he added, “And God, throw Europe in the trash.” Okay, we’ve got a problem.  And it’s not Ezra’s rampant patriotism. It’s that Ezra turns EVERYTHING into a competition, some kind of assessment of how he is [Read More…]

CutiePie Rivalry

Poor, Ez.  He’s been the adorable baby of the family for his entire life.  A position he likes just fine.  One so deeply established that I didn’t think much about how he would react to having a one-year-old in the house. We’ve had two sets of housemates who each had a baby while living with [Read More…]

Harsh Realities

“Why is life so harsh sometimes?” asks Ezra this morning on the way to the track. “What do you mean, buddy?” “Harsh.  You know what harsh means, mom.” “Can you give an example of what you are talking about?” “Like the Bible, and slavery, and punishments.  Really big punishments.” Wow.  Where did that come from? [Read More…]


Here’s how it was advertised: It’s a City for Kids, Run by Kids! Kidtropolis, USA marks a brand new spot on the map as a real-life kid metropolis complete with a skyline, city government, occupations and the systems that make a city work. Kids will keep the city running by taking on the roles of: city leaders; voters; workers; shoppers; [Read More…]