Snow Day Reminder

The boys were squealing last night.  “Snow day! Tomorrow’s a snow day!” I was a killjoy last night.  “But we don’t need a snow day.  The snow won’t keep us from getting to school, so we’re still having school tomorrow.” It was like I killed their puppy.  The one I am too mean to let [Read More…]


This lady would definitely NOT approve of my version of homeschool these days.  If she saw the boys spending hours making a Chinese warlord forte on Saturday, she would cringe.  Shouldn’t I use that time to have them practice the piano, which we skipped three times last week?  Or how about some reading?  Neither of [Read More…]

A Long Runway

A long runway. I can’t stop thinking about it.  We had breakfast yesterday with dear friends in DC.  We were joined by their housemates, one of whom was homeschooled K-12.  He was holding his newborn when I asked him to describe his experience of homeschooling.  He said, “My parents gave me a long runway.” A [Read More…]


Leaving behind the testing controversy, I write today about Reform #2: Management, not Discipline. My friend Kia, an education professor at Wheelock, recently said to the Sunday School teachers at our church, “If you’re thinking about discipline, it’s usually because you haven’t done a good job with management.  You’re not managing your classroom well, especially [Read More…]

After extensive review…

What two words make veteran teachers’ eyes roll to the back of their heads more than any others? School Reform. Just say the words at a staff meeting and you’ll hear grumpy teachers muttering under their breaths.  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear a list of proposed, hyped, and eventually forgotten cures for what ails [Read More…]


My baby got baptized today.  Stood in front of our church in a little purple robe, read his testimony, renounced evil, and got dunked by his daddy.  We gave him a Bible as a gift, and he went to bed clutching it with one hand while clutching his tattered, dirty blanket with the other. “Now [Read More…]


Well, if you’ve been paying attention, you won’t be surprised. We met with a neuropsychologist yesterday and found out that Zach has a host of diagnosable issues.  I decided not to name them all here, but like I said, if you’ve been paying attention you can probably make some good guesses. We’ve known for some [Read More…]