A Lost World Of Family Time

Children today suffer from too much stuff, too many choices, too much information and too little time. But it’s not too late to simplify your life and reclaim your family. [Read more…]

A Whole Lotta Prayer

This week, I’ve been writing about what I am calling The Practice.  Practices are those rhythms that give our children a sense of safety and calm that comes from predictability and limited choices.  I started thinking about them after reading Simplicity Parenting. Last night, I wrote about our dinner schedule.  Here are a few other practices: [Read More…]

Breakfast for Dinner

When I came home tonight, Ezra was crying. “We missed breakfast for dinner two weeks in a row!” “Yeah, Mom,” Zach jumped in to side with Ezra.  “We need to have breakfast for dinner tomorrow, tacos on Friday, and pizza on Saturday.” Last month, when I read Simplicity Parenting, I was struck by how chaotic [Read More…]

The Way of Simplicity

Ezra was in bed today while I went through the boys’ clothes closet.  (He was there while Kathiana and Zach were at the Children’s Museum because he was having an unusually tough time behaving like a human being.) “Why are you doing this, again?” he asked. “Because we have too many things.  And it’s hard [Read More…]

More With Less

Yesterday was about the toys.  Today it was the books. Growing up, I loved books.  My dad paid me to read encyclopedias, but I would have read them for free.  We didn’t have a ton of books in our house, but I read what I could find. That’s not quite true, actually.  My dad had [Read More…]

Leave Room For The Holy Spirit

“What about this?” I asked the boys today as we went through their toys. “Junk,” they answered in unison. “And this?” “Definitely junk!” When we were done, we had an entire bag of toys now deemed junk.  Reflecting on it at dinner tonight, I asked, “Do you know what almost all of that junk has [Read More…]