Mr. Rogers Was A Genius

Mr. Rogers was a genius. Seriously.  If you haven’t seen an episode for awhile, spend twenty-eight minutes on PBS Kids and remember what a treasure he was.  I mean, you’ll have to ignore the fact that it seems like everyone is stoned, or has taken some weird kind of medicine that makes people move and sing [Read More…]

Fig Leaves

Day 2 of a Series on Social Stories:  Click here to read Day 1, and the Social Story “What is a mistake?” After reading the social story aloud, Wendy asked us to name some mistakes we had made in the past. The boys didn’t immediately volunteer any.  I mentioned spilling coffee all over the car [Read More…]

Life on Planet Earth

Several people working with the boys over the years suggested that I read “social stories” to them.  I always assumed this meant that I should find books about a boy lying to his father, or a girl left out of a recess game, stories that show how we should react in common social situations. But [Read More…]