Hearing From God

I’m quitting my job. Not today.  Possibly not until a year from now.  But Jeff and I decided this week that I should quit working.  After months of feeling torn between work and home, weighing the pros and cons of each, and trying to discern where I was called to spend my time, it was [Read More…]

Too Busy To Slow Down

Ezra spent 25 minutes this morning crying and whining about going to swim camp.  “I hate swim camp. It’s terrible.  WHY do you have to pack my schedule so FULL?” First, Ezra has only been to swim camp one other time.  And he loved it.  And I hardly think his schedule was too full today. [Read More…]

Why I Work

I flew in from Virginia today and went straight to work, where I run afterschool and community programs for our church.  The high school seniors were coming in today to work on college essays. When I got in, D asked me how long it would be until the jet lag hit me.  He thought that [Read More…]