What Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? [Video]

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Taught by Christ: Ralph Jensen Shares NDE (Near Death Experience) [Video]

The Afterlife: Ralph Jensen's Spiritual View of the Savior's Life, Ministry, Atonement, Resurrection in a "NDE" (Near Death Experience) Jesus Christ has been diluted, denigrated, dismantled by disillusioned, dagger-shooting Dawkins- hope-starved Hitchins', and elitists like Ehrman, to no avail. … [Read more...]

What Is Death? [Video]

Weʼve all lost those we love, and while there is no easy time to say goodbye, the loss for some is exacerbated by a lack of knowledge or assurance of a life after this one. It can be … [Read more...]

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Changed by Grace [Video]

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What I Believe Part 1 [Video]

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