What is the Purpose and Meaning of Life? [Audio]

Each of us is born with a spiritual compass and longing to seek truth, to acquire a personal knowledge of God and of what is real–and it is available. I’m here to say that you do have a … [Read more...]

Life Before Life: Here By Chance: Not a Chance [Video]

With Tennyson, Wordsworth, and Hesse, Marcel Proust stands as yet another renowned author who has thought deeply about life and the idea of a pre-mortal existence. Proust writes: … [Read more...]

Life Before Life: Here By Chance, Not a Chance [Audio]

We’re eager to have you join us for “I Believe: Expressions of Faith,” a podcast series designed for all who are honest seekers--skeptic to Wiccan to Hindu to agnostic--interested in … [Read more...]