Taught by Christ: Ralph Jensen Shares NDE (Near Death Experience) [Video]


The Afterlife: Ralph Jensen's Spiritual View of the Savior's Life, Ministry, Atonement, Resurrection in a "NDE" (Near Death Experience) Jesus Christ has been diluted, denigrated, dismantled by disillusioned, dagger-shooting Dawkins- hope-starved Hitchins', and elitists like Ehrman, to no avail. … [Read more...]

Taught by Christ: Ralph Jensen Shares NDE (Near Death Experience) [Audio]

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What Is Death? [Video]

Death is not the end

Weʼve all lost those we love, and while there is no easy time to say goodbye, the loss for some is exacerbated by a lack of knowledge or assurance of a life after this one. It can be … [Read more...]

What Is Death? [Audio]


You know, the Spirit World, the realm where disembodied spirits dwell to learn and progress after this life, awaiting the Resurrection, is right here all around us. We can't see it because … [Read more...]

Little Children: Sinless, Saved, & Sanctified [Video]

Closeup of an infant child. Children are sinless, saved and sanctified.

Do little children need baptism? Will I see my child again? Will I raise my child? What is the status of children before God? Are they saved? What if they weren't sprinkled or baptized … [Read more...]