Are other people holding you back?

There are infinitely more good and positive things you can do with the assistance of others than by yourself alone. It’s great that there are other people in this world upon whom you can rely and depend. Unfortunately, not all the other people with whom you come in contact are going to be totally reliable or dependable. Not all of them are going to have your best interests at heart, and that is quite understandable. Some of them may just not care, others may be openly hostile to you, and still others may sabotage your efforts without even knowing it.

It’s important to remember that just because it can be valuable to depend upon and collaborate with other people, that does not necessarily mean that you must always depend on others. You can work with others when it works to the benefit of everyone concerned, yet you can also go it alone when you must. Just because someone has betrayed you or ignored you doesn’t eliminate all your options.

No one else has to hold you back unless you allow that person to do so. And that goes for the opinions of others as well as their actions. Other people’s opinions of you, and your opinions of them, cause a great amount of completely unnecessary negative thinking. Of course you would like to make a good impression on people. So you do your best to be polite, honest and respectful. Beyond that it’s useless to concern yourself with what others think of you, because they will probably think it in spite of anything you do. And what does it matter anyway?

Refuse to be held back by the opinions of others. After all, what harm can someone’s opinion do to you? What power does it have over you? Only the power that you give to it. Decide to live with the freedom of your own thoughts. Be confident of your own value and worth, and that you’re doing the right thing. When you believe in yourself and in what you’re doing, it won’t matter what other people think. And while you’re at it, remember not to waste your own time by placing judgments on others.