Highly effective

Think of a time in the past when you were highly effective. Think of a time when you were able to reach a maximum level of performance. Think of a time when the results you desired came to you naturally. How did the world look to you? What shapes and colors were around you? What did it sound like? Was the temperature cool or warm or just right? How did you feel? What did you think about yourself? In your mind, put yourself and all your senses, as completely and clearly and specifically as possible, into a time in the past when you were in that zone, when you were highly effective, when it came easily and naturally.

Then take that intensely positive and effective experience and project it into your life right now. Visualize in your mind how it will be to experience that same level of effectiveness in your current life. What will it look like? What actions do you clearly see yourself taking? What will it sound like? How will it feel? See yourself, clearly and in specific detail, easily and naturally transcending the obstacles that stand in your way and achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Visualize in specific detail what you’re going to accomplish. See yourself hitting the golf ball straight down the fairway. Visualize yourself typing in that report with the words and concepts coming easily to you. Hear yourself speaking with confidence and persuasiveness to your potential client. Know that you’ve reached that level of performance before. Experience once again in your mind how great that can be. And know with confidence that you can do it again.

You’re fully and completely capable of reaching a mental state in which you can enjoy maximum effectiveness. Reach it in your mind by visualizing the experience. Reach it in your mind and you’ve indeed reached it in reality.

You’ve been effective your whole life. Look back and consider all the things you’ve accomplished so far. Just staying around for this long is a major accomplishment. And you’re capable of so much more. So don’t just try. Get results. Don’t merely stay busy. Take effective action. When you learn to be effective, anything is within your reach.