Positive energy

Think of a time in the past when you had an angry outburst and remember how drained you felt afterward, how unable you were to get anything positive accomplished. Those brief moments of anger probably used up a whole day’s worth of your energy. Negativity consumes your precious time and energy, and it leaves you nothing of value in return.

Most negativity is directed in some way or another at other people. Think of the enormous amount of energy consumed by anger, blame, envy, spite and disrespect. The way to move beyond such wasteful negativity in your own life is by taking more responsibility for yourself. Imagine what would happen, for example, if instead of getting angry at someone who has wronged you, you said to yourself “I’m responsible for moving beyond this and turning it into an opportunity.”

Is it fair that you should be responsible for repairing the damage someone else has done? No. It’s not fair. Is it the best course of action for you to look ahead with a positive focus rather than looking back with a negative focus? Absolutely yes.

When you let go of your own negativity, you’ll notice that the people around you become more positive as well. Why is this? Because your attitude is contagious. The people with whom you come in contact will, to a large degree, mirror the attitude you project toward them. Friendly, positive people meet up with lots of other friendly, positive people.