The courage to feel

Have the courage to feel. Feeling connects you with who you are. Experience your own authentic feelings. There’s nothing to be gained by hiding from your feelings or borrowing the feelings of others. Your feelings will ask much of you. In return, they give you access to immense power that can be directed toward positive and meaningful purpose. If you run from your true feelings, you will just end up making them stronger. And they will eventually catch up to you anyway. Acknowledge your feelings, dive into them and explore their rich abundance. Certainly you will find some pain there, and yet if you are honest you will also find much joy. Your capacity to feel opens the door to a whole universe of magnificent possibilities. In each moment, feel what it is to be you, and you’ll work your way toward the best you can be.

Fully feel and experience the richness of all that is in this moment. Your most authentic intentions have brought you to this point. Just as reliably, those intentions are moving you forward even now. Whatever you are certain that you will create, is already taking shape. Whatever you know to be possible, has already begun to happen. There is no need for striving to make things happen. Those things for which you must strive won’t bring real value anyway. Instead, focus on the real and valuable and meaningful things you can lovingly and gratefully allow to be. With your thoughts, your actions and your energy, bring to life what you already know to be good and worthwhile and true. The very life that you most earnestly desire is ready for you to let it become real. What you know must come, is already on the way.

Make full use of the courage you have to be the true, unique and valuable person you are. Give your authentic best to life, with strength and confidence. And experience just how great it is to be fully alive and effective.